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Auto Depreciation: How it impacts your savings

Auto Depreciation, a sad reality when purchasing a new car.  I get it, the new car smell, the fact that no one has used the car, and getting to be the only owner of the car.  All those are great, but they come at a cost, sometimes significant it can be quite...

Investing: What are Stock Options and How Can They Help Me?

If you had the chance to read why invest, you will know that investing is an important tool to grow your money.  While cash is great to have, keeping it idle is the safest way to lose money over the long term.  There are many ways to invest in the stock market.  One...

Can’t Save Money Help!

Can't save money, help!  I have no savings and need to learn where to begin! We have all been there.  Let's face it saving is hard.  In our crazy life, we are tempted every day by products and services that we do not need that want to take your hard-earned money.   So...

Make Goals Reachable

Setting proper goals is an important step to improving your life. The basic foundation is to start with sold goals that you can achieve.

Savings Report – Leopard Gecko Setup Cost

How I saved 30% for our new pet Gecko for the new home.

Can You Change Your Life in 30-Days

What can you do in 30-days to change your health, financial well being, or family goals? Read more as we discuss the framework to help you change your life direction in 30-days.

Why Defined Financial Goals Are Important

Having a financial goal that is not well defined can lead to never reaching it. Read how you can change that.

Debt After Passing of Parents

What things should you look out for? What are you responsible for? Here are some basics to get you started and things to look out for.

Why Thrifty Rich Started

Want to understand why Thrifty Rich started and what inspired me to create this site. Read This.

Saving on Car Leasing Part 1 of 3

Car leasing is not recommended, but if you do then here is a 3 part guide on how to get the best deal.

10 Strategy Investment Tips

10 Strategy Investment Tips

Here are some trading strategies that have helped me over the years.  To really put your money to work you will need investments.  The most simple is investing in the stock market.  Leave your strategies in the comments below for others to learn! 1. Only invest what...

The Power of $1

The Power of $1

Every dollar you make requires hard work.  To make matters worse, every one of those dollars is reduced anywhere between 10-30% due to taxes.  Think about that, your cup of coffee that costs $4, really requires $4.4-5.20 of income.  Now add in how much that dollar is...

Value of $1

$1 return over 30 years

The value of $1

Starting Your Journey

One thing I learned that I want to share, if I had made a simple effort to save and understand the impact of that savings 15 years ago, I would have triple the amount saved today by simply making better small daily choices.

Why do I share this?  Simple, it is never too late to start and when you understand the power you have to control your financial choices you become in control and open up doors you never thought possible.

Being Thrifty Rich is achievable if you can make small daily choices that matter.   

Join The Community

Becoming Thrifty Rich takes small daily things you can change in your life that help you save for the things that matter.  We are building a community to help you find ways to save everyday and once you do, how you can put them to work.

Join us to build this community and never miss an idea to save and change your life.


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