We all have ideas on how to save money on purchases.  Ask any of your friends or family and I am sure you will be given dozens of great ways to save.  Imagine, if you take the time to use the ideas that apply to you and make them habits, how much could you save?  Could you save your way to Thrifty Rich?  Sure saving a few dollars does not make a material impact, but what if you found 20 things you can do that add up to thousands?  Start small end big!

Start Small - Goal $30 Per Day

Find things that are easy:

Save $1 a day
Skip one coffee a week $5
Eat one day of leftovers for lunch $10

Just those three things add up to $22 per week or just over $3 per day!  The list below gives you more ideas that you can choose.  Find the ones that apply, start to use them.  When they become habits you know you will have succeeded.  Most importantly, reward yourself by moving the savings you have achieved daily or weekly to some other account.  You will be surprised at how much money you begin to build when it counts.

Idea How Often Savings Yearly Impact
Skip one cup of coffee Weekly $5 $260
Skip 2 sodas a week Weekly $4 $208
Plan meals for the week Weekly $10-$50 $520-$2,600
Tear Dryer sheets in half Weekly $.10 per load $10-$20
Use library for DVD movies monthly $4 per movie $100-$150
Switch to banks with no ATM Fees Weekly $1-$4 per ATM visit $20-$100
Use dinner coupons from sites like Groupon Weekly $10-$20 savings $520-$1040
Use discount sites to buy theme park tickets Yearly $20-$200 $20-$200
Inflate your tires to the correct pressure monthly up to 4% better gas mileage $20-$120


 These are just a few ideas to get you started.  How you bring them into your life and adjust based on your habits will change the estimated savings.  With just these 10 ideas, if you achieved the minimum amount on the range you would save over $1,600 a year.  Not to hard for doing some simple things.

Imagine if you could find 20 or 30 ideas and make them habits.  Your savings could increase substantially. 

We work very hard for the money we make and at every point someone or some company is trying to get us to spend those dollars.  We become immune to trying to save and start to think “what difference does a coffee make” or “why inflate my tires it is just $20”.  If that was all it was I would agree, but think of every purchase you make on a daily/weekly basis and remember there is probably some way to save on that purchase.  That is what adds up and makes a difference.

Try to find at least 10 ideas you can hold, track the savings (move the money), and see if it make a difference for you.

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