Your Quick Start Guide To Thrifty Rich

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Starting Your Journey

Becoming Thrifty Rich starts with little wins and builds upon them.  The most important quick start tip is just to begin.

It does not take a lot:

1. Find one goal that inspires you and makes you excited!

2. Find one or two things in your daily spending habits that you can change that does not take a lot of effort.  Skip a soda, bring lunch to work, use a coupon for dinner, etc.

3. When you do save, move that money to your savings.  This is your reward.


Do this for one or several weeks and see how much it adds up.  From there, simply repeat and more things to save to your daily routines.

It is that simple.  The two things that make it work, 1. you have to have something you want to save for and 2. you have to see the savings grow in real terms.

If you try to account for the savings in your head, the true value of the money your saving is diminished.  It might work for a few days, after that our brains move on to more exciting things then accounting for each little thing we saved on.

Share how much you saved over a month below and let us know how it worked!



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