Hello Thriftyrich followers.  Today I want to cover a concept that can change your life in 30 days.  There is no magic, no secret weapon, only your hard work, and your dedication to follow a set of rules.

No doubt if you have heard any of the Democratic candidates, then you have heard them talking about so many Americans working hard but not making a living wage.  Then you also hear that you have to work extremely hard to make good money.  

Truth is, to make any money you have to work hard for a little or a lot.  So if you are not making the money or salary you want, how do you change that?  

The answer is not easy or everyone would have figured it out, but there are a few things you can do to change your path and open opportunities.  When you think about it, the main difference between someone like Bill Gates and a person making an average salary is the opportunities and the ability to capitalize on them and open more opportunities.  Bill Gates had great opportunities presented, but it is what he did with them that separates him from most. 

So if it comes down to opportunities how do you create more of them?  Here is the great part, we can all make opportunities for ourselves, whether they lead into something is in our hands and what we do with them.  The simple fact is, however, the more you open and deconstruct goals the more you will learn and possibly break through to new things.

So how do you do this and can it really work?

Have you ever heard of the Whole 30 diet?  If not, it is a diet that eliminates all foods that can cause possible inflammation so that you can see what your body feels like without the impacts of harmful foods.

I recently completed the diet and I went from 181lbs down to 165 lbs, eliminated most of my acid reflux I have had all my life, and in general feel 100 times better (most of my clothes are now too big for me).

Whole 30 Weight Loss

Why does the diet work?

  • It sets a defined time period that lets you know there is an end.  We can all do something for 30-days no matter how difficult. This diet is not easy, but you only have to make it 30-days.
  • It has measurable results.  You will lose weight, reduce your waistline, learn to enjoy more foods, and learn how to cook healthy meals.
  • It has specific rules (a roadmap).  If you follow the rules, can hold to them for thirty days, you will see results.

For 30-days you have now created an opportunity for your health.  What you do with that opportunity can change your life. If you have learned to eat and enjoy healthy food, eliminate most sugar, and continue on that path what does that do for you?  Well perhaps you are one with Diabetes or high blood pressure, if it is food related then it very well could reverse that path. If reversed, you will have lower health expenses, enjoy more activity, and live longer.  That is only one example of thousands that could change your life.


So that is an example of how you can change your health in 30-days.  How about Financial Opportunities?

Here is a great video of how this youtube marketer wrote a book in 30-days and it turned out to be a great money maker for her and helped launch other things she works on.

Why did it work?

  1. Just like the diet she wanted to achieve something in 30-days and deconstructed the task to make it work.
  2. There were definable and measurable goals.
  3. She made specific rules for herself.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Let’s say you wanted to earn extra money by doing graphic design on Fivver but you do not know how to use the software needed.  How could you make a 30-day plan?

Step 1: Breakdown the overall task into small measurable time frames that can be worked on each day for 30-days.  Maybe you find a 40-hour learn photoshop course. Doing just over one hour per day would allow you to complete that task.

Step 2: Define your goals and ways to measure them.  In this case, maybe your goal is to design a twitter/FB/Instagram template to sell on a template site.  When you complete your learning and have made the templates you have something to measure value.

Step 3: Make rules and follow them precisely.  That is why Step 1 is so important. It is also why using 30-days as the test period is perfect.  It keeps you focused on achieving the goals set out.

Step 4: Measure your results at the end and make new ones that build on the accomplishments you have done.  If you made your templates, posted them for sale and have made no sales then ask yourself why. Maybe they are not good, maybe you need some self-marketing or some other thing.  You have taught yourself a skill and now it is time to turn it into something by using the same rules that got you the skill.

Lastly, a little patience is required.  Whatever you are doing you will see goals that you have met, but do not expect them to launch you into your dreams.  They have to be built upon. Just like after completing the Whole 30 diet you are not ready to race a marathon. You are one step closer as the increase in health may now let you start running further, but getting to a marathon requires a lot more than just a healthy body.

Everything is a stepping stone, know where you want to get is great, but know the steps it takes and building a manageable time driven path is better.  Break your ultimate goals into time frames and into steps. Do the things to accomplish those steps and you will always be closing the gap to the things you truly want.

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